Automate designing process in architecture
and generate various solutions for Professionals
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Genetic Designer enables you to create optimised designs faster and easier than ever.
It's the first morphogenetic tool in the world and likely to change the architectural profession. It's tailored for architects and other professionals, but we hope to make it useful for everyone interested in designing buildings.
flexible, elastic and morph
The morphogenetic approach will give you the ability to create optimised architecture.
It will enhance Your design skills and save you a lot of money.
We are doing our best to make it fit your needs and be flexible.
new idea in designing architecture
You will be able to virtually breed buidings instead of designing them and the unique approach to the process will give you full control over you designs.
changing world perspective
Why design the old way when you can design the NEW WAY?
Faster, cheaper and smarter!
We hope you will join us and help us develop out product.